“We help businesses succeed by unleashing the full potential of people.”
As your business partner, we help you get the most out of your agile transformation initiatives, and move beyond what you thought possible.


As specialists in the Scaled Agile Framework, we can help you with SAFe all the way from advisory to training, execution and coaching. SAFe is agile for large organizations.


We provide extensive training and coaching within contemporary practices in agile leadership on all levels in an agile organization. Learn more about how agile leadership can help you.

CoreAgile Coaching

As advisors we will help you inspect your situation to find the correct first steps. The impact on your organization, when implementing agile, isn’t limited to IT. You need a full understanding of the product development flow, value streams and budgeting, to align with strategic decisions.

To prepare your organisation for change, we provide necessary training and coaching to ensure that you have consistent knowledge to realize the changes. Let’s be prepared to help people unleashing their full potential.

As implementation partners we facilitate the change as a supporting function to the people we need to handover to. The goal is to leverage your own practical experience to handle unexpected situations, and steer around known pitfalls.

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